Episode 7

Published on:

22nd Apr 2021

Season 2: Ryan Carignan

Season 2 closes out with Assemble Sound artist & product manager and Magic Stick program director Ryan Carignan.  Ryan's a longtime friend and ally in this industry, with a story a lot like many of ours, self-built and multi-faceted. Ryan tells his story of making his way through the biz, including a can't-miss, wild hitchhiking tour story with a depressed, hammered dude (also named Ryan) driving 120 mph. He also has a great tour hack about Mormon churches that you need to know. Ryan's one of the best dudes, and that shines through in this episode!

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Here For Now
Origin Stories Of Real-Life Creative Superheroes
Featuring long-form interviews with some of the Midwest's most creative and influential musical artists and curators, Here For Now: Origin Stories Of Real-Life Creative Superheroes is a podcast hosted by long-time Michigan concert promoter Nate Dorough. We dive deep into early life and influences, and the unconventional path by which these folks have made an impact on those around them with their commitment to making and showcasing great music. Find us online at herefornowpodcast.com and on social media at @herefornowpod. All episodes produced by Tyler Floyd at Eureka Records, with music by The Fever Haze, and art by Alex Maniak.

Season 2 is sponsored by Two Foot Parade, a Midwest independent record label focused on cultivating a community for artists to release their music digitally and physically! We'd like to thank Gabriel and the team at Two Foot Parade for their generosity and support. Find out more at twofootparade.com!