Episode 5

Published on:

15th Apr 2021

Season 2: Alex Maniak

I finally got the chance to sit down with my very good friend, Detroit musician and visual artist Alex Maniak, who you might know as Shortly. She spent time sharing wisdom learned about performing on stage from her youth theater days. We dug into what drives her songwriting (and what's changed since she started Shortly in that regard), her forthcoming full-length debut record, future plans, and her positive and honest outlook on life and music.

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Featuring long-form interviews with some of the Midwest's most creative and influential musical artists and curators, Here For Now: Origin Stories Of Real-Life Creative Superheroes is a podcast hosted by long-time Michigan concert promoter Nate Dorough. We dive deep into early life and influences, and the unconventional path by which these folks have made an impact on those around them with their commitment to making and showcasing great music. Find us online at herefornowpodcast.com and on social media at @herefornowpod. All episodes produced by Tyler Floyd at Eureka Records, with music by The Fever Haze, and art by Alex Maniak.

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